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Undergraduate and postgraduate courses

I have been teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students on courses that tend to reflect my research interests and expertise. At the LSE, I teach and manage a third-year BSc course ('Applied Economics of Environment and Development', GY329) and an MSc course ('Economic Development and the Environment', GY473). I also manage and oversee the environmental MSc dissertations (GY489). To date, I have supervised over 100 dissertations.

In 2022-23, I will be on a year-long sabbatical and hence, will not be teaching any of my courses, or taking on any new PhD students.

PhD students

  • Violet Lasdun (2022-): ‘Artemis - Phenotyping technologies to enable on-farm breeding’ (funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)

  • Jessica Meyer (visiting student, 2022)

  • Lorenzo Sileci (2017-): 'Causal inference in spatial environmental economics'

  • Mook Bangalore (2016-): 'Sustainable development challenges: Global evidence and case studies in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Nigeria'

  • Dr. Valeria Biffi (2016-2022): ‘The state effects of a state-led payment for ecosystem services scheme in Amazonian indigenous communities’

  • Dr. Francisco Pereira Fontes (2014-2018): 'Essays in agricultural economics' (now at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)

  • Dr. Ashley Gorst (2013-2017):  'Assessing climatic and technological constraints to agricultural productivity in South Asia' (now at Vivid Economics)

  • Dr. Murray Collins (2011-2015): 'Quantifying environmental indicators and assessing performance in tropical forest management' (now at the University of Edinburgh)

  • Dr. Timothy Laing (2010-2014): 'Assessing the impact of institutional conditions upon reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation' (now at the University of Brighton)

  • Dr. Saraly Andrade De Sá (2008-2011): 'Essays on the economic and land use impacts of biofuel production' (now at the University of Geneva)

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