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Recent selected publications

Carbon emissions reductions from Indonesia's Moratorium on forest concessions are cost-effective yet contribute little to Paris pledges’ (with Ben Groom and Lorenzo Sileci), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 119 (5), e2102613119, 2022.

Threshold effects of extreme weather events on cereal yield in India’ (with Francisco Fontes and Ashley Gorst), Climatic Change 165, 26, 2021.

Participatory policies and intrinsic motivation to conserve forest commons’ (with Grace Iara Souza, Edilza Laray, Virgilio Viana and Anthony Hall), Nature Sustainability 3 (5), 620-627, 2020. 

The energy costs of historic preservation’ (with Christian Hilber and Edward Pinchbeck), Journal of Urban Economics 114, 103197, 2019.

Land sparing in a von Thünen framework: theory and evidence from Brazil’ (with Francisco Fontes), Land Economics 94 (4), 556-576, 2018.

*** A full list of my publications can be seen on my CV ***

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Recent selected publications: Welcome
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